Surrounding & Zante Island

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Enjoying summer time at our Beach Marathias Star just around the corner - fabulous. Now with a small but mighty kiosk and shady places. In the background you can see Villas Cavo Marathia hillside.
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Beaches, diving and explore

Villas Cavo Marathia lies amidst the largest nature reserve on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, the Bay of Marathias belongs to the WWF National Park.

Discover our flora and fauna, watch the sea turtles of Zakynthos - with a little luck you will see one of these endangered animals in our little beach cove. The romantic pebble beach with crystal clear water is only 800 meters away from our residence.

Immerse yourself in the nearby, beautiful diving spots - the most beautiful and famous around the Ionian Sea - with crystal clear, sparkling water. Or you can snorkel in the grottos and mysterious caves on the Cape of Marathias.

In our idyllic harbor town of Limni Keri – only two miles away – you find a PADI diving school and you can also go shopping, dine or rent a boat to explore the beautiful bay.


Zakynthos - Flower of the east

The island is so beautiful, that already the Venetians,during their 4 centuries of regency, named it Fior di Levante (Flower of the East). Next to Corfu,Zakynthos, which is also affectionately called Zante, is the most significant destination of the Ionian Islands. It is characterized by its diversity.

History and art

Discover Zakynthos, which formerly used to be the cultural centre of Greece. Not only is the Venetian influence still ever pervasive, but it is also home to poets such as Dionysus Solomos, Hugo Foskolos and Xenopoulos. Zakynthos has maintained its high cultural standards up to this day. A new theatre was inaugurated in 2010.

The City of Zakynthos (Chora)

Capital city of Zakynthos carries the same name as the island. The Chora, as it is called in Greece, is undoubtedly worth a visit. The city, which lies at the feet of an old Venetian fortress at the foot of the Bochali hill has a lot to offer. Stroll through the main shopping street, Alexandra Roma, or visit the many historic sites. Feel free to ask the Zantiotis family for advice. Your hosts will be able to give you many useful tips.

Traditional Cuisine

Everywhere on the island one can find authentic and cosy taverns. Zakynthos is famous for its Extra Native cold pressed Olive Oil. This healthy product can also be purchased at the Villas Cavo Marathia.


Zakynthos has a very mild climate. It belongs to one of the sunniest regions in Greece. The warm winter rainfall endows the island with its lush vegetation all year round.


Cycling (mountain biking), hiking, sustainable tourism (e.g. canoeing in the caves of Keri)- Zakynthos offers a number of sportive activities. The Villas Cavo Marathia is a great base for these purposes.